In the era of The High Republic, Jedi Padawan Pihtt Tancura has dreamt about finally being a Jedi Knight through facing his trials. But when Pihtt is faced with an attachment towards his partner in the Jedi trials, things become much more complicated.

Written By: Tom Carver

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Tom Carver is the writer behind Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader and Project Forgotten Issue 2: Inquisition of the Heart. Tom also works as the Creative Director of the SWEU, overseeing every project to ensure the continuity stays intact within the stories. Tom is a film-making graduate and has directed short-films such as The Young Avengers Fan-Film, and Seashells. Tom's favorite Star Wars movie is The Last Jedi, and his favorite character is Leia Organa. He got into Star Wars through a lego set that was gifted to him many years ago. Tom's goal at SWE is to tell stories of hope and courage with interesting and relatable characters that resonate with audiences.



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