The Mandalorian Episode 3 Spoiler Review


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Okay, everyone good now? Spoilers ahead, this is only for those who have seen Episode Three of the Mandalorian!



Before watching this episode, I sat down and reflected on what happened in episode two. From there, I came up with three predictions for the current episode. I thought it would be fun to document them and see what kind of things would and would not happen.

1. The Mando will not kill or turn in baby yoda (Byoda).

I shamelessly love Byoda and I refused to believe for one second that he would be killed or turned in.

2. The Mando will fabricate "proof of termination" to get his reward, but still maintain his relationship with Byoda.

If we have learned anything from this show, it is that the Mando is smart and he really loves Beskar, so this seemed like a win-win.

3. The Mando will seek guidance about the force usage of Byoda from the Armorer.

The Armorer seems like a sage-type figure in the Mando's life, so this seemed like a fitting person for him to turn to for advice.



This episode was so compelling from start to finish. There were so many small details and important beats that couldn't be overlooked, so I thought it fitting to compile them.

Before we go any further, it is important to take an extra moment of time to point out how absolutely, breathtakingly, wildly cute baby yoda is. When Byoda escapes his little pod and plays with the knob of that lever in the Mando's ship, not only is it setting up an important emotional connection between the two, it also shows just how darling that little creature is. Another thought: does Byoda wear a space diaper?

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After the opening sequence, the Mando takes Byoda to the imperials. Here two storm troopers take the child away and Mando tells them, "easy with that." The storm trooper replies, "you take it easy." Do storm troopers really need to be such jerks?

The Mando meets with the Client and receives his reward. One of my favorite easter eggs is that the Client is using the "ice cream bucket" seen in the Empire Strikes back!

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It looks as though ice cream makers are safes for valuables in the Star Wars world!

From here, the Mando moves to the Armorer and gets an upgrade. This whole sequence is fascinating. I loved the video-game feel of upgrading the armor. I also loved getting more insight into this Mandalorian cult-like tribe. The underground hiding and dedication to a code all make perfect sense for how a warrior people would fight to survive.

I distinctly enjoy how each time the Mando upgrades his armor, we get another glimpse into his past. This helps to tie war to defense as well as the Clone Wars to the present that this show is set in. It makes Star Wars feel very realistic.

Seeing the Mando pick up that little knob and decide to trust his conscience and rescue Byoda is one of my favorite moments this show has produced.

Woof. Let's talk about the escape scene. There's a charred storm trooper who gets the brunt of the Mando's flame thrower. The constant tension having Byoda right there in the Mando's arms. The decimation of those storm troopers from the whistling birds (coupled with the Armorer's warnings that they should be used sparingly because they are so rare, this is another piece of evidence to just how much the Mando cares about Byoda). The realization that every single bounty hunter would be coming after him. The faint Wilhelm scream from the bounty hunter falling off the roof. The Mando spinning wildly to attack a bounty hunter. The wild fact that somehow you can read emotion on the Mando's helmet when he looks at Byoda thinking all is lost. And finally, the Mandalorians returning and helping out their brother. It is all so much and so emotionally charged.

It turns out some of my predictions were right and some were wrong. Regardless, this episode featured so many emotional and indelible moments. It took the mythology of the Mandalorians to a new level and made sure that the audience is invested in the characters, but also showed how invested the characters are in each other.

The big takeaway from this episode could be summed up in a simple sentence:

This is the Way.



After finishing this episode, I thought it might be fun to think forward and look at what types of things might be found in the future episodes and what questions might be answered.

1. Will Byoda become a foundling?

Just think of little baby yoda walking around in full, miniature Beskar armor.

2. Are all Mandalorians rescues? Are Mandalorians more of an idea than a people?

I hope that we get to see more of how the Mandalorians became what they are in this present from where they were in The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

3. What was the Empire trying to do with Byoda? How does this tie into the First Order? Who was the Client talking about? Palpatine? Snoke?

I know this is four questions in one, but I am so intrigued as to how everything ties into what we know happens in the future.

4. I despise Greef Carga and I hope that he dies a gruesome death (maybe a fight with a mudhorn?).

His cowardice, deception, and duplicity make him a particularly effective villain (is he actually a villain or just a nuisance?).


Final Word

At the end of the day, The Mandalorian is an excellent show that keeps delivering all the goods any Star Wars fan could hope for. I for one, can't wait to see what happens next!