The Blade Runners of Star Wars

One of the most striking aspects of the Clone Wars animated series has been the way it developed the Clone Troopers. In the Prequels, they were nothing more than CGI canon fodder. But when Dave Filoni’s Clone Wars series came out, that all changed. Suddenly these Clones were characters we cared about just as much as Anakin or Obi-wan. 

In Season 2, episode 10 of the Clone Wars Captain Rex is injured. Kix brings him to a house nearby to give him proper medical attention. But the farm belongs to a former clone who refers to himself as Cut Lawquane. Rex ultimately lets Cut go, without reporting him to any of his superiors.

In Star Wars Legends, there were a group of clones who specialized in dealing with people like Cut. They were known as the Covert Ops, they were kept off both military and public records. More secretive and specialized than even the Commandos. They specialized in doing the Republics “dirty work” that most regular Clones would find questionable morally. Unfortunately, we do not actually know much about them. Their only appearance in any form of Star Wars media is in the Republic Commando novel ‘True colors.’  

As the title suggests, they are essentially the Blade Runners of the Star Wars universe. In the Republic Commando novel, they are tasked with hunting down an ARC Trooper who had abandoned his post, that was their main task. Hunting down deserting Clones, and terminating them. Now, if you have seen the Blade Runner

films, this most certainly reminds you of Ryan Goslings character from ‘Blade Runner 2049.’ In the film, Gosling is an artificially created human which is known as a Replicant, he is tasked with hunting and killing Replicants who have gone rogue, much like the Covert Ops. 

To me it’s a tragedy that there is such little content revolving around the Covert ops, as I think it could make for an extremely compelling story. It could further blur the lines between the Separatists and the Republic, showing a side of the Republic that, according to the records, doesn’t actually exist. 

The Star Wars universe continuously finds new ways to develop The Clone Wars era of Star Wars, and to me the Covert ops is a gold mine just waiting to be discovered, and hopefully one day it is. 


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