Star Wars: Virtual CELEBRATION Fan-Event

Do you miss Star Wars Celebration? Gathering with friends you’ve made through the Star Wars Community, Cosplayers, Fun Reveals and Panels, so much fun Star Wars stuff. It was a time to be alive. And though these last 2 years they won’t be able to do Star Wars Celebration, we hope the in person event lives on forever.

With the absence of Star Wars Celebration, the team of Star Wars Fans here at could not think of a better way to bring Celebration virtually, than through our very own Discord, featuring our content creator friends.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Virtual Celebration is an event hosted by Star Wars Editor and Star Wars Dude, all on The SWE Discord Server, April 16th-18th. This weekend will be tons of fun for any Star Wars Fan.

The event itself won’t differ too much from the official Celebration event. We will have panels with Fan-Content like our very own Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader, or Jetstreak Ink’s upcoming film DUME. There will even be fun fan panels like Star Wars Dude’s ‘Rebels Remembered‘ Panel or ’Diversity in Star Wars’ Hosted by Casey, moderator in Star Wars Dude’s Discord.

Here is the official list of Panels:

Blood of Vader - Hosted by All Star Wars

Beyond BOV - Hosted by Star Wars Editor

Project Forgotten - New Horizons

Rebels Panel - Hosted by Star Wars Dude

Diversity in Star Wars - Hosted by Casey

ActionKnight + New Horizons Panel

The High Republic - Hosted by David Alexander King 63rd

DUME - Hosted by Ironick Designs

Star Wars Exchange Podcast Special

Instagram Creators - Hosted by All Star Wars

-Future of Star Wars TV - Hosted by Star Wars Dude

Each Panel will have tons of cool guests and panelists from the community and those panels are something you won’t want to miss.

We will also have tons more fun events this weekend like Trivia, Cosplay & Art Showcases, Giveaways, Virtual Movie Screenings, Fan-Film Screenings, and much more! The full schedule will be announced a few days before the event, so stay tuned for that.

Again, the event will take place on an app called Discord. It will take place in this server:, so join that link. The entire server will be transformed for that weekend, but there is a section with info and much more!

Also follow Star.Wars.Editor on Instagram, or SWEditorIG on Twitter for updates on the event like a schedule, more panel announcements, guest announcements and much more! We hope to see you all there!

May the force be with you, always!

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