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Star Wars: Virtual CELEBRATION Fan-Event

Do you miss Star Wars Celebration? Gathering with friends you’ve made through the Star Wars Community, Cosplayers, Fun Reveals and Panels, so much fun Star Wars stuff. It was a time to be alive. And though these last 2 years they won’t be able to do Star Wars Celebration, we hope the in person event lives on forever.

With the absence of Star Wars Celebration, the team of Star Wars Fans here at could not think of a better way to bring Celebration virtually, than through our very own Discord, featuring our content creator friends.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Virtual Celebration is an event hosted by Star Wars Editor and Star Wars Dude, all on The SWE Discord Server, April 16th-18th. This weekend will be tons of fun for any Star Wars Fan.

The event itself won’t differ too much from the official Cel