Everything You Need to Know About Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader - A Fan Animated Series

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

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Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader is a five-episode cartoon series produced by SWE. The series will focus on a beloved character from the Sequel Trilogy, Kylo Ren. The series takes place just months before Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Each episode will be around 10 minutes long, all released on YouTube.

Episode I: Ashes of the Empire releases in late September, while Episode II releases in Winter 2020, leaving the last 3 episodes for an early 2021 release.

It will be animated and illustrated by Alexander Turner (@TurnerCreations.Art) who has come up with a unique yet familiar look for our art style. Characters are hand-drawn, as well as many other elements, while also incorporating 3D elements as well. Alex has much experience with animation and drawing and is working hard to make this limited series the best it can be.

Each episode will be directed by Star Wars Editor and written by Tom Carver (@Spaceboi428) based on a story by Star Wars Editor. Tom has experience with not only writing but writing with Star Wars in his own fan projects, and it shows in his amazing writing in each episode.

Sound design will be done by Kiefer Jenkins (@Jetsreak_Ink) and Michael Vondras will be mixing all sound. They both have experience with Star Wars. Kiefer made fan-films Trials of the Mandalorian and Shadow of the Mandalorian, which Michael has done the sound design on both, as well as their upcoming project DUME, which focuses on Star Wars Rebel's Caleb Dume (Kanan Jarrus).

The music will be composed by Christy Carew (@ChristyCarewMusic). She will be incorporating music by John Williams while also giving unique themes and even a new theme for Ben Solo/Kylo Ren. She has plenty of experience with Star Wars music, as she has composed lots of themes for Podcasts, other fan-films and much more!

John Rodriguez (@AlphaIgnition) will be choreographing a fight sequence with Jennifer Masci, two lightsaber-wielding geniuses. While we can't disclose details on that as of right now, we can confirm that John will be portraying Kylo Ren.


An artifact from the days of the Empire leads Kylo Ren on a journey to discover more about his bloodline. Will this quest help him to fulfill his birth-right as the successor to Darth Vader's dark legacy, or will he be forced to question his place in the galaxy all-together?


Kylo Ren: Ben Solo is no more, Kylo Ren has risen to take his place. A former Jedi Apprentice succumbed to the Dark Side of the Force by Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo now searches the galaxy for anything that may assist him in learning more about his grandfather Anakin Skywalker, otherwise known as the infamous Darth Vader.

Kylo Ren will be voiced by the talented Jordan Petto (@JordanPetto), who portrayed Kylo Ren in another SWE video If Negative Fans Wrote the Sequels. Jordan will also be voicing General Hux in Episode I.

Supreme Leader Snoke: The Empire has fallen but from its ashes rises the mysterious First Order, a growing threat amassing in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Supreme Leader Snoke governs over the villainous organization as well as overseeing Kylo Ren's training in the Dark Side of the Force.

Supreme Leader Snoke will be voiced by dedicated voice actor Bradley Klein, who has experience with Snoke from his Instagram and YouTube channels for impressions. He also voiced Emperor Palpatine in the fan-film Vader: Shards of the Past.

Captain Phasma: One of The First Order's most ruthless members, Captain Phasma is renowned for training the best of the best within The First Order's Stormtrooper ranks. Despite showing loyalty to The First Order, her survival, reputation and well being are always her top priority.

Captain Phasma will be voiced by the talented Verena Punz (@Vee.Punz) who has lots of experience with voice acting and acting in general.

Arranca Skalis: The life of a pirate is no easy life, but Arranca Skalis would have it no other way. He has traveled the galaxy for most of his life in search of money, adventure, authority, and more money. Once an aid to Cham Syndulla in the liberation of his homeworld from the Galactic Empire, he left Ryloth at the end of the Galactic Civil War to create his own pirate syndicate.

Arranca, an original character created for the series, will be portrayed by Hunter Radesi (@Marvel_Update).

Pijito Colani: Having lost her parents at a young age, Pijito Colani prefers to be referred to by her family name as a way to keep their legacy alive, also expressed through the traditional Pantoran gold markings decorating her face. Now a young woman, Colani is a hunter and excavator of rare artifacts and relics for the pirate that rescued her all those years ago, Arranca Skalis.

Pijito, another original character created for the series, will be portrayed by Vernice Watson (@Vernice_Watts)

Kloww Securno: Much like Pijito, Kloww Securno was initiated into Arranca's pirate gang at a young age. Having grown up with Pijito, the two formed a strong friendship with each other, they watch out for each other where nobody else will. Over the years Kloww has shown an interest in health care, science, and technology, becoming the Skalis Gang's designated doctor and an aspiring technician.

Kloww Securno will be voiced by Tom Carver, who is also the writer for the series.

Additional voices in the series like Melissa Sterenberg, Michael Greg and Taylor from The Rexin Around Show, and Kevin Berrens will be playing unannounced roles.

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