Adam Ferguson to Voice Darth Vader in Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader

"Show me again, the power of the darkness. And I will let nothing stand in our way," Kylo declares to Darth Vader's burnt helmet, "Show me, grandfather. And I will finish, what you started."

Today on we are excited to reveal a key character in our upcoming Fan Animated Series, Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader. With his name in the title, and Kylo's connection to him, there was no way of going about this without the former Anakin Skywalker himself, Darth Vader.

With this story taking 30 years after Vader's fall in Return of the Jedi, a new ruler has risen in his place, and it is none other than his own Grandson, Ben Solo. Kylo Ren wants nothing more but to forge his own path going forward, becase his entire life, he was put into many situations that weren't his choice. Who would expect the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo to follow in the footsteps of the evil Sith Lord of the family? Kylo finds comfort in that, and his connection to Darth Vader. But is he truly connected to Darth Vader, or does this voice in his head come from even darker roots..?

The phenomenal voice actor behind Lord Vader is none other than Adam Ferguson, who has experience in the realm of animated series with Kylo Ren. Voicing Ben Solo in the Reylo Animated Shorts by Gwendy85, he now gets to play his own grandfather in Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader.

"I am very excited to embody Vader too, or at least the perception of him. Since about 13 when my voice began to drop an old school friend and neighbor nicknamed me 'James Earl Jr', so it feels very full circle, especially with Star Wars being one of the things that really gor me into acting in the first place as a young child," Adam Ferguson says. "In addition to theatre and some short film, I've really been doing voiceover since my mother had me do some radio spots with a local station she worked with. I also voice Kylo/Ben for the Reylo Animated web series by Gwendy85 on YouTube, so with Darth Vader, I am officialy my own Grandpa."

Darth Vader will pop up in many surprising ways throughout the series when it starts to release this Winter. Kylo Ren is not Darth Vader 2.0, and this series will prove why the conflicted Ben Solo stands on his own, as his own villian and hero.

"It's really thrilling to get to be part of such a cool series. Outside of a few comics, this is unexplored territory in Bens life and animation is such a fantastic way to fill that gap between The Rise of Kylo Ren (Comic Series) and The Force Awakens." Adam says.

The SWE Family is excited to welcome Adam, and congratulate him on becoming part of the cast of Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader! May the force be with him and his performance.

You can watch Kylo Ren: Blood of Vader with Episode I - Ashes of the Empire releasing this Winter on the Star Wars Editor YouTube channel. Click here for more information on this animated series. You can "Show us again, the power of your [support]" on Twitter and Instagram, @KyloRenBOV.