5 Ideas for Star Wars Shows with Female Leads

After the announcement and release of the new streaming service Disney +, a number of TV shows have been rumoured, announced and released that focus on stories of the franchise's expanded universe. So far these shows include stories about characters such as Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The first of these spinoff shows to be released was The Mandalorian, a show following the story of a bounty hunter a couple of years after the fall of the Empire. The show was a huge success and received a positive response from the fans. The show has continued to interest and excite fans since it's release in November of last year and will be followed by the second season in Fall 2020.

Personally, I really enjoyed the show. It has an engaging story and fun characters, I look forward to seeing what happens next. Alongside The Mandalorian, Disney has announced another two spinoff shows including one following the story of Cassian Andor before Rogue One and another with Ewan McGregor that tells the story of the famous Obi-Wan Kenobi after the events of Revenge of the Sith. Recently it has also been rumoured that Donald Glover will be starring in a show that centres around Lando Calrissian, although this is yet to be confirmed by Disney.

All of these shows are featuring characters whom I personally love and would certainly be interested in knowing more about. However, with these four shows, there is something that they all have in common that disheartens me. They all feature a male protagonist. Where is the show that revolves around a female character? People could argue that it's because there aren't any stories to tell that have a woman as the main character. I disagree. Here are five female characters from the Star Wars Universe that I would love to see with their own Disney+ show.

1. Qi'ra

When I saw Solo in the cinema, I was instantly intrigued by this new female character. She was intelligent and had a side to her that I hadn't really seen before. It was evident that this character had experienced a lot of hurt, that she had experienced a difficult past. At the end of the film, we see her kill Dryden Vos and send Han away because she knows that in order to keep him safe, she has to keep him out of her life. In her final scene, we see her contact the famous Darth Maul and she is instructed to go to him. I want to see what happens next. Is she loyal to Maul? Does she betray him? More important than her relationship with this character, what happens to her? There is little mention of Qi'ra after Solo, this powerful character seemingly disappears. At the end of the film, I had so many questions about the Qi'ra and the rest of her story, what came next for her? Does she ever see Han again? Does she serve the Empire? Does she go into hiding? Does she die?

A Disney+ show set after the events of Solo that focuses on Qi'ra would certainly be interesting and I believe we would be able to take a look into another side of the galaxy during the days of the Empire. I believe there is so much more to Qi'ra than the ex-girlfriend of Han Solo. I want to know about her past and about her future. I think it could lead to a darker Star Wars story as she is not one of the 'typical' heroes or villains we have seen throughout the franchise.

With the rumours circulating around a show about Lando after Solo, it is doubtful that Disney would make another show about a character from the same film. However, we can hope that Qi'ra will return to the screen again, if not I wouldn't be surprised if there was a book or comic series that revolves around her as she is a character with a story that should be told.

2. Jyn Erso

The Cassian Andor show that tells the story of the Rebel Leader has been announced by Disney+. I love Cassian but I want to know more about Jyn Erso. After the release of Rebel Rising, a story that follows Jyn Erso before Rogue One, it could be argued that Jyn Erso's story has already been told. But why can't that story be adapted for TV?

I thought Felicity Jone's performance in Rogue One was brilliant and I would love to see the actress return to Star Wars. Jyn Erso has quite a tragic story but a heroic one. This is a strong female character who sacrifices herself for the greater good and a lot of the character's development and journey up to the Battle of Scarif is shown in the film. We learn a lot about Jyn Erso in the book Rebel Rising and I think the events of this book would be fun to see in a TV adaptation.

3. Doctor Aphra

Doctor Aphra is a comic series that follows the story of Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra, an archaeologist who was enlisted by Darth Vader during the events following the Battle of Yavin. The series was 40 comics, telling the story of Doctor Aphra between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back but in April 2020 was relaunched to continue the story after the Empire Strikes Back. So far, Doctor Aphra's story has been only within comics but with interesting characters and a compelling story that hasn't necessarily been seen before in Star Wars, I believe that it would make a good Disney+ Show. It could very easily be either an adaptation of the story told in the comics, or it could be a prequel or sequel to this story, following the journey of the character in another era or setting.

4. Rey

The Rise of Skywalker saw the end of the sequel trilogy and subsequently, Rey's story. When we last see Rey, she takes on the name Skywalker and looks out at the Tatooine suns with BB-8 at her side... but what happens next? There are several directions I would like to see Rey's story to go, I want to know what happens after the credits roll. Presumably, Rey continues to develop her understanding of the Force, perhaps with the guidance of the Jedi who came before her and have passed on. I believe Rey would go on to learn the history of the Jedi and the Sith. It would be interesting to see this journey, of how Rey tackles her heritage and the darkness within her.

Rey is a character with such determination and strength, always there to fight for the people she loves. Would she continue to help the Resistance? Or would she go her own way? I like to believe that Rey would train the next generation of force users, pass of what she has learned and teach both the light and the dark, focusing on the balance between them and bringing about change through accepting both the light and the dark.

Along with this, I want Rey to search. I want Rey to search for Ben Solo. In the Rise of Skywalker, we learnt more about her connection with him, that they are a dyad in the force: two that are one. In the novelisation of the book after Ben becomes one with the force, it says, "But she dearly would have loved the chance to get to know Ben Solo. It felt like half of her was missing, and she supposed it was. The girl who had felt alone for all those years on Jakku had been part of a dyad the whole time. And just when she'd discovered that precious connection, that incredible oneness, it was ripped away." It goes on to say that Ben spoke to her shortly after passing, telling her he will always be with her. Both of these quotes lead me to believe that Rey (and Ben's story) is far from over.

A Disney+ show revolving around the rest of Rey's story would be a show that will offer something more to fans of the sequel trilogy. It would continue a journey that in my opinion has been cut short because there is so much more to tell, Rey is a young woman, what does she do for the rest of her life? Does she stay on Tatooine? Does she train the next generation? Or does she go after Ben Solo? I would really love to see these questions answered.

5. General/Princess Leia Organa

There are many books that tell Leia's story. In particular, Star Wars: Bloodline which tells Leia's story between Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens as well as Leia: Princess of Alderaan, two books written by Claudia Gray. I would love to see Leia's story adapted to a Disney+ show, specifically one that follows her life on Alderaan as a teenager.

Leia is such a strong and powerful character in Star Wars, there is so much more to her than just being a Princess who can shoot a blaster. Leia: Princess of Alderaan tells us a lot about Leia's early life and growing up on Alderaan, telling the story of how she grew as a person. I believe this would make a good show because of the love fans have for Leia, because of how important she is as a character to so many people.

Of course, Carrie Fisher is no longer with us and won't be reprising the role. Can we see Princess Leia being played by anyone else? This heavily depends on whether or not Lucasfilm/Disney is ready to take this step, no one can replace our Princess Carrie Fisher. But it the opportunity arose to tell a story of a much younger Princess Leia, maybe a younger actress will step into the famous shoes and bring a new side and light to the character.