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5 Ideas for Star Wars Shows with Female Leads

After the announcement and release of the new streaming service Disney +, a number of TV shows have been rumoured, announced and released that focus on stories of the franchise's expanded universe. So far these shows include stories about characters such as Cassian Andor and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The first of these spinoff shows to be released was The Mandalorian, a show following the story of a bounty hunter a couple of years after the fall of the Empire. The show was a huge success and received a positive response from the fans. The show has continued to interest and excite fans since it's release in November of last year and will be followed by the second season in Fall 2020.

Personally, I really enjoyed the show. It has an engaging story and fun characters, I look forward to seeing what happens next. Alongside The Mandalorian, Disney has announced another two spinoff shows including one following the story of Cassian Andor before Rogue One and another with Ewan McGregor that tells the story of the famous Obi-Wan Kenobi after the