10 CHARACTERS WE NEED WITHIN THE BLACK SERIES LINE, and what is holding it back.

Hasbro's line of 6 inch collectable figures has seen a steady growth over the years, covering characters and vehicles not just from the theatrically released movies, but from television, games and even written media. However, despite seven years, much of the galaxy remains underrepresented. With Hasbro just having announced new merchandise, here are ten characters who have yet to make an appearance in the line, but are long overdue a figure in no particular order, as well as where I feel Hasbro is dropping the ball when it comes to the line.

Honorable Mention

Ben Solo (Exogol)

I feel this might be a controversial choice, so I assure you, this is a figure I want too.

Without a doubt, the brief glimpse audiences got of Ben Solo after he returned to the light was a high point of The Rise of Skywalker. As such, it can naturally be assumed that a figure of him during this sequence would sell well, paired with the repaired Skywalker saber and his blaster, as well as a updated likeness using the new deco techniques implemented in 2018. The reason why I've chosen to omit him from the main countdown is because out of all of the Sequel Trilogy cast, he has been the character with the greatest representation alongside Rey, with 9 figures to date. I both hope and have no doubt that we will see this character down the line.

10: Bastila Shan

Originating from the much-acclaimed and beloved Knights of the Old Republic videogame, Bastila Shan has in recent years seen a resurgance due to her inclusion in the Galaxy of Heroes Mobile Game, introducing her to new fans and reintroducing her to old fans. Bastila wouldn't be the first character from either Knights of the Old Republic or Galaxy of Heroes to join the line, as Revan in both his dark and light incarnations have both had figures in the line. Even Bastila herself has seen a release within 3.3/4 The Vintage Collection line. As such, it would be good to see a character from that under-utilised era be featured in the line alongside the currently released Revans, as that era has a wealth of characters that have pottential to be figures.

9: Saw Gererra (Jedi:Fallen Order/Rebels/Rogue One)

Saw Gerrera is a character who's impact has been felt across many pieces of Star Wars media, first appearing during the Onderon arc in The Clone Wars, he has since played rolls in novels, books, games and even the rare move to films with his live action debut in Rogue One. Both in and outside of the universe, he's a character who has grown to be a major pressence due to his role in and out of the main faction of the Rebellion, as both Funko and Hasbro have featured him. As such it'd be a shame that we never get a Black Series figure to go alongside the other rebel leaders with his greater pressence across the Star Wars media landscape.

8: Bodhi Rook (Rogue One)

Bodhi Rook is a pivotal member of the Rogue One cast. Without him, the Death Star would have remained hidden until it was too late, the weakness would never have been revealed and the plans would have never been transmitted from Scarif. He goes from a man just trying to make his way into the universe to risking it all to bring hope to the galaxy, yet within the Black Series line he has yet to make an appearance. This proves to be jarring, as other companies have released merchandise featuring him, such as Lego and Funko, even Hasbro did in their "Mission Series". Seeing him still omitted from the line after almost five years after the film's release is dissapointing. Hope is not lost though. With the latest Fan First Friday stream having a lot of love for the first "A Star Wars Story" film and the unexpected Rebels Crew rerelease featuring Zeb showing that Hasbro haven't forgotten their incomplete teams, perhaps it is only a matter of time until we see this corageous pilot complete the crew.

7: Finn (The Rise of Skywalker)

Finn has seen good representation across the merchandise for both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. He was amongst the first figures released to coincide with The Force Awakens alongside Rey and Kylo, and for The Last Jedi we released a figure based on his fateful duel with Captain Phasma. Across the other lines of merchandise for each film in the trilogy he has been a mainstay, both at other companies and in Hasbro's own Galaxy of Adventures line, yet almost nine months from the release of The Rise of Skywalker we are still missing the former Stormtrooper. While the initial waves for The Rise of Skywalker had to coincide with the release of Jedi: Fallen Order and The Mandalorian, since then things have eased up in terms of release, so hopefully we see Finn get a figure of his best look.

6: Poe Dameron (The Rise of Skywalker)

Much like his co-general, Poe Dameron had also been omitted from the line despite being a mainstay with prior films merchandising. Poe's look in The Rise of Skywalker proves to be quite a departure from the typical costumes we expect from him, as he swaps in Resistance uniforms and flight suits for a perfect marriage of Rick O'Connell, Indiana Jones and Nathan Drake's outfits in a unique, adventure-ready look. Not only would such a figure be a unique figure amongst prior Poe's released, but it would be an oppurtunity to correct past mistakes for Hasbro, who haven't been the best at capturing Oscar Isaac's likeness.

5: Rose Tico (The Rise of Skywalker)

Without a doubt, Rose Tico is a character who deserved better than she was dealt in The Rise of Skywalker, as her character went from being a pivotal figure in emotionally grounding the conflict of the Sequel Trilogy, to having a minimal role when she could have done so much as she rises in the Resistance Ranks to work alongside Leia. Despite her limited on-screen appearance, she still maintained a presence in merchandise, with Funko and T-Shirts possitioning her alongside our other young Resistance heroes and newer faces like Zorii Bliss and Jannah. As such, Rose is a key figure in this new generation of heroes, and both her as a character and Kelly Marie Tran deserve better.

4: Sana Starros (Marvel Star Wars)

Sana Starros made headlines upon her arrival into the galaxy, as she stepped off the boarding ramp and proclaimed herself as the wife of Han Solo in the early days of the main Star Wars series at Marvel. Of course things were much more than the cliffhanger seemed, but since then she has became a